Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living a Banded Life

I had a Doctor's appointment today down 3 additional pounds I was a little upset I felt it should have been more. The nutritionist and doctor said it was great especially since the band is not officially "turned on". I get "turned on" next Thursday thank the Sweet Lord!!! Im getting my water in and I'm learning to live this Banded Life.

Today was Staff Development Day (school for teachers no students) doughnuts were everywhere I confess - I wanted to eat one or two but didn't I had an apple sauce instead. I deserve another 3 pound loss for that.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good for you!!! An NSV for sure!!! Trust me I totally understand the teacher lounge goodies, well "baddies"!!! Good for you for sticking to the apple sauce so the donuts don't stick to you!! My band doesn't get turned on for 3.5 weeks so lucky you!! ;)

  2. Well done, a definate NSV. There is nothing wrong wih wanting to eat anything (of the food variety ;-D) but resisting and going with something healthy instead is a real achievement.

  3. Awesome job saying NO to the donuts! Hard to do but great that you did.

    It sounds like you are doing such a great job keep up the great work!

    3 pounds is awesome!

  4. Great job and awesome denying the doughnut!