Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terrible Tuesday

Today was so not a good day for me.  I woke up late, had a wardrobe malfunction and traffic.  In preparation for my Band I have opted to try and eat right even before the Pre-Op Diet.  This means no liquid CRACK! Oops I mean PEPSI.  I CONFESS I am an ADDICT! I need it to get through my day at least two a day on top of my coffee.  I'm going to have to find other ways to cope when the going gets tuff.  Water, Water, Water.....Yuck, Yuck and YUCK!!!!!  What will I do when I can no longer call on my good friend PEPSI?

Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday!

Still working on and learning this whole Blog thing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Blues

I have the Monday Blues. Returning to work is always a challenge for me after a break.  Thanksgiving break was 5 days of not hearing my name 100+ times. (I'm a teacher) and listening to excuses for why homework was not completed.  At least 4 teachers were absent today (Typical Monday) and I spent my 30min lunch trying to change pre-op testing and Dr. visits.  Why?  I don't like to take days off.  I confess that I hate being the responsible teacher on the floor always there caughing up a lung or sun shining.  What a shock it will be on January 2-8 when I'm no where to be found. 

In Band News.... I should be part of the Band in 30 days....I'm excited and SCARED

Testing is this thing on? My 1st Confession.

I am extremely excited and scared right now. If all goes well and if everything is approved I will be joining the Band 12/28/11. 1st Confession - I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I'm testing the waters. I've read so many great blogs over the past few weeks of lovey women who are facing the challenge of losing weight for life. Everyone is amazing! If this works for me (blogging) I will be making regular confessions.