Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 6 Ws

Who What When Where Why & Wednesday

Who allowed me to get to this weight and size? Me
What has caused this weight gain? Life and Me not making Me a priority
When did all of this happen? Over the past 5 years
Where do I see myself one year from my Band Date (12/28/11)? Off HBP meds, 75-100lbs lighter, HEALTHY
Why am I getting Banded? I need the help of this lifetime tool, I cannot do it alone

Wednesday - Any other day as I got dressed for work and realized nothing in the four wall to wall closets fit properly I would have cried while staring at all the pretty clothes I have that don't quite fit like they should. Not today! Today I held in together because I know I have a plan in place (12/28/11). I put on my all black and headed out the door.

I confess I'm a SHOPAHOLIC. I love to shop but lately it has not been as much fun. How many pairs of black pants can one chic own. I still shop it's my favorite sport but now it's for makeup, bedding, housewares and shoes. I Can't wait to get my hands on the beautiful clothes in my closets again thanks to the Band and Healthy Food Choices and Hard Work.

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is near.

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